Know your food: Here’s how to identify formalin-laced fish

Written by Jyotsna Basotia
| New Delhi |
Updated: July 14, 2018 2:00:28 pm

A toxic chemical, formalin, that is used to preserve bodies and prevent its decay in mortuaries is being used for fish too. (Source: Express Archives)

“Machhe jhol khaabe? (Would you like some fish and rice?)” The air in Bengal is almost always filled with chatter about fish. But other than Bengalis, people from coastal areas in India too feel that a meal without fish seems incomplete.

With the advent of monsoons in July, the fishing season kick-starts in the Southern states after a break of almost two months. However, this time around, there seems to be another danger lurking for fish lovers. In a series of shocking events, health authorities recently seized nearly 10,000 kg of formalin-laced fish at the border check post of Arayankavu in Kerala’s Kollam…

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