Japan’s rail operator issues ‘big apology’ for train departing 25 seconds early


This is not fake news.

Japan’s major embarrassment has come as a major surprise to many across the world after the country’s rail network issued a heartfelt apology for one of its trains departing from a station 25 seconds ahead of schedule.

The incident reportedly occurred on May 11 when a train left Notogawa station at 0711 hours instead of 0712 hours – full 25 seconds before the stipulated time. The country’s Japan Today reported that the train doors shut one minute before scheduled departure and when the conductor realised the folly, he decided to double check if there were any passengers at the station. When he did not see anyone on the platform, he decided to flag off the train with 25 seconds still remaining – a decision that has been termed by the country’s rail operator as ‘inexcusable.’

The report also said that the conductor had failed to spot a few passengers who would eventually lodge a complaint forcing the national rail operator to apologise. “We are extremely sorry…

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