Israeli sniper kills unarmed Palestinian who was standing still, video sparks outrage – Watch


A video clip that shows the cold-blooded killing of an apparently unarmed Palestinian purportedly by an Israeli military sniper. The soldiers can be head in the background swearing at the Palestinians and loudly cheering when the sniper hit and killed his target.

The camera seems to have been mounted on the sniper’s helmet. It shows two Palestinians on the other side of the fence, inching towards it. The subtitles on the video show that the men standing with the sniper confirming if his rifle had a bullet in the barrel.

The soldiers can be heard coolly discussing which one the sniper is going to shoot down. He then takes his shot, and the Palestinian man, who is standing still, crumples to the ground. The soldiers immediately begin cheering, with the sniper seemingly saying, “Wow! What a video.” They can also be heard celebrating that the kill shot was to the head.

Even as other excited soldiers can be heard confirming with each other if the kill was captured on video so they could…

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