Iran unveils ‘Bright Conqueror’, new range of ballistic missiles


Iran test-fired a new generation short-range ballistic missile on Monday. 

The Fateh-e Mobin missile, which means ‘Bright Conqueror’, is a precision-guided missile capable of striking ground and seaborne targets in surgical operations, reported the Press TV.

The projectile is equipped with an advanced “seeker head,” as well as tactical and radar-evasion capabilities. It has a range of about 483 to 805 miles.

The unveiling of this new range of missile comes days after the Iranian military test-fired a Fateh-100 Mod 3 ballistic missile from an Iranian Revolutionary Guard base in Bandar-e-Jask, according to Fox News.

The Fateh Mobin missile has already entered the production line. It can engage targets under various environmental conditions and operate in the face of electronic warfare tactics as well as pierce through all types of missile shields, added Press TV. 

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