Ira draws inspiration from Dileep’s life

Written by Manoj Kumar R
| Bengaluru |
Published: March 14, 2018 3:33 pm

Ira hits the theatres on March 16.

For long, media and fans have debated whether upcoming Malayalam film Ira draws inspiration from Dileep’s life in the wake of his arrest in the sensational South Indian actress assault case. The promotional materials continued to add fuel to the speculation.

The trailer that released earlier this year revealed that Ira (Prey) revolves around a high-profile murder investigation led by a supercop, played by Unni Mukundan. And the character played by Gokul Suresh, an accused, is being framed in the minister’s murder case. We also get to hear the defense lawyer questioning the grounds that inspired the investigator to make Gokul an accused. “You made him an accused only because he had the same tower…

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