INDORE: His Highness King Suyash the First, a 24-year-old Indore boy, has given birth to the idea of the first ‘virtual governance of a kingdom‘ named ‘Kingdom of Dixit’, which will be ruled online from India. A software engineer from the city decided this after he declared himself the king of an unclaimed strip of 800 square miles of land between Egypt and Sudan.

In an exclusive interview with the Times of India, Suyash said that he did not necessarily want his kingdom to be a place where people came to live, but instead wanted to run a country on a community basis.

“To make money, I might also offer people to be the President of the country for a month and charge a huge amount for it,” the king said, declaring his plan to form a community based kingdom where everyone will be connected to each other online.

An avid internet surfer, Dixit had read online about this only patch on Earth which was habitable but not a part of any country several years ago….

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