New Delhi: India’s top male boxers will make their first trans-Atlantic trip for training and will be based at sprint icon Michael Johnson’s acclaimed high performance centre next month, putting their preparations for Commonwealth Games in top gear.

“We are leaving for the USA for a physical training camp at the Michael Johnson Academy in Texas next month. Boxers who are part of the Target Olympic Podium (TOP) scheme will be travelling for this,” Indian boxing’s High Performance Director and men’s coach Santiago Nieva told PTI, detailing his plans for the April 4 to 15 CWG in Gold Coast next year.

Seven of the 11 boxers, who are currently listed as TOP beneficiaries, will be travelling for the training stint from December 7 to 17 at the state-of-the-art centre, founded by four-time Olympic gold-medallist and nine-time world champion Johnson in 2007.

This will be the first training trip to the USA for Indian boxers, who have traditionally altered between Europe and Cuba…

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