In order to go back to prison, unarmed felon tries to rob bar to avoid homelessness


Missouri: It may be difficult to believe but a man after spending more than three decades behind bars did not want to be free. He was in jail for murder and parole violations.

He begged the police to put him back inside when he was released on February 8, 2018, so that he could avoid homelessness.

As per Fox News, Paul H Barroni was 17 when he was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 1979 for fatally stabbing a Missouri high school student. The student reportedly had refused to date him.

A month after being released, 57-year-old Barroni visited a Clayton bar, said to be popular among judges and lawyers. He threatened to shoot an employee if she did not call the police.

According to the authorities, he was using his finger and did not have a gun on him. St. Louis Post-Dispatch said that Barroni told the police that he wanted to get arrested.

The man also said that he had been thrown out of one housing facility. Later, he had apparently tried to get a bed at a homeless shelter in…

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