In "Larger Public Interest", Stent Prices Further Cut By Over 6%

New Delhi:  Shashank Kapoor, 32, is overjoyed. Last month, his father suffered a cardiac arrest and needed two stents. The five-day stay at a private hospital set the counsellor back by over Rs 1 lakh, one-third of which was just the price of the two stents.

Now, India’s drug pricing regulator, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), has further reduced the ceiling prices of the most commonly used drug-eluting stent (DES) by 5.8 per cent as it pursues the policy of price controls on coronary stents, saying it is in “larger public interest”.

A stent is a small mesh tube that’s used to keep narrow or weak arteries open for blood flow.

NPPA has increased the price of bare metal stents to Rs 7,660 from Rs 7,260 and reduced the price of drug-eluting and biodegradable stents to Rs 27,890 from Rs 29,600.

These prices are excluding GST, which is charged at 5 per cent.

The NPPA also ruled against a request by multinational stent makers for a new category…

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