Imbibe values in kids to curb intolerance, says Supreme Court judge

NEW DELHI: Expressing concern over rising intolerance and crimes against women, Supreme Court judge N V Ramana said courts could decide cases but only citizens could stop spiralling crime by imbibing human values in their children and neighbourhoods.

Speaking at a conference on ‘Human Values and the Legal World’ at Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh on Saturday, Justice Ramana said, “We have been seeing a steady rise in cases of sexual assault on women as also intolerance in society, mainly because of degradation of values. As citizens, if we do not speak up for values and precautions, we cannot protect anyone from such heinous crimes.”

He said judiciary was under a mandate to seek out the truth and punish the guilty. “But that is only one of the five values, others being love, right conduct, peace and non-violence.

We cannot sit quietly in a corner and think that no anti-social element or bad neighbourhood will affect us. Moral from this is that we must discuss, share,…

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