"I Do Trust Him": Donald Trump Sounds Naive After Meeting Kim Jong Un

President Donald Trump expressed a bewilderingly high degree of confidence after meeting with Kim Jong Un that the North Korean leader is personally committed to giving up the nuclear weapons that ensure his grip on power.

“I think he might want to do this as much or maybe even more than me,” the president said during a 65-minute news conference on Tuesday, after spending four hours with Kim in Singapore.

“My whole life has been deals,” he added later. “I know when somebody wants a deal. . . . I just feel very strongly – my instinct . . . – they want to make a deal.”

Eager to cement what he’s calling “a very special bond” with Kim, Trump is giving someone the benefit of the doubt who has done little or nothing to earn it.

“I do trust him, yeah,” the president told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in an interview that aired on “Good Morning America.” “He really wants to do a great job for…

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