Hotter seas threaten marine wildlife with extinction, researchers warn

LONDON: Polar bears and other iconic animals could be extinct by the end of the century if ocean temperatures continue to rise at the current rate, marine biologists warned on Monday.

Warming temperatures caused by climate changing emissions may result in a catastrophic loss of marine wildlife and drastic changes to ocean food webs by 2100, scientists at the Florida Institute of Technology and the University of North Carolina said in a paper published in the journal ‘Nature Climate Change’.

Much current marine life will be unable to tolerate ocean temperatures that are projected to increase by 2.8 degrees celsius on average, according to the study.

“With warming of this magnitude, we expect to lose many, if not most, animal species from marine protected areas by the turn of the century,” said the study’s lead author, John Bruno, a biologist at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Marine protected areas, established as sanctuaries for polar bears, coral reefs and other…

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