He Was Unrecognisable After Crash, "Called" Dead. Back Home After 60 Days

On that tragic April afternoon when the Humboldt Broncos’s team bus collided with a tractor-trailer, everyone said Xavier LaBelle was among the 16 people killed.

The coroner said so. Newspaper articles paying tribute the hockey team said so. And, at an emotional memorial vigil in the small Saskatchewan town of Humboldt soon after the crash, LaBelle was listed among the dead.

But it all been a terrible mistake. The badly injured LaBelle was in the hospital, surrounded by the family of his teammate, Parker Tobin, who felt fortunate their son had lived, even if his injuries made him unrecognizable.

Then LaBelle woke up and said, “I’m not Parker Tobin,” a coroner recently recalled.

LaBelle had lived. Tobin had died. It was a mix-up that made headlines around the world and compounded an already overwhelming tragedy.

On Wednesday, exactly two months after the crash, LaBelle walked out of the…

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