He Killed His Mother And Friend, Then Confessed On Facebook, Police Say

The 911 call came in early Sunday morning: He had shot two people and planned to kill himself, the caller told dispatchers.

When police arrived at the address the caller had given – a single-family home in East Ridge, Tennessee, just outside of Chattanooga – they found a man and a woman dead from gunshot wounds.

The caller was nowhere in sight.

The 5 a.m. 911 call set off a multistate manhunt for Casey James Lawhorn, who, for reasons still unknown, killed his mother and his friend before driving away. Hours later, he killed himself, authorities said.

Monday morning, sheriff’s officials in Mississippi said they believed they had found Lawhorn dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Hours earlier, Lawhorn, 23, had told dispatchers that he was going to a remote location, north of town, to commit suicide, said Stan Allen, assistant police chief in East Ridge,…

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