Guptas: A family at the heart of Zuma’s troubles

JOHANNESBURG: A politically-connected business dynasty that moved to South Africa from India, the Gupta family finds itself at the centre of many of the scandals that have dogged President Jacob Zuma’s administration. Aday after the ruling ANC ordered Zuma out of office, the Guptas’ prominent role in his presidency was highlighted on Wednesday as elite crime-busters raided the family’s mansion in Johannesburg.

The family is headed by Ajay, Atul and Rajesh (“Tony”) Gupta, three brothers from Uttar Pradesh. Led by Atul, they arrived in South Africa in 1993 as whiteminority apartheid rule crumbled, a year before Nelson Mandela won the country’s first democratic elections. As the country opened up to foreign investment, the Guptas — previously small-scale businessmen in India — built a sprawling empire involved in computers, mining, media, technology and engineering.

The New Age, an ardently pro-Zuma newspaper, was launched in 2010, and the 24-hour…

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