Google Chrome: Security and privacy tips for safe browsing

Written by Tanmay Patange
| Mumbai |
Published: May 17, 2018 8:51:33 pm

Worried about the adware attacks and malware sneaking into your devices through Google Chrome browser? Here are some tips to keep them at bay.

Maintaining your safety and privacy online, especially when it comes to surfing websites, is very important. Nowadays, we rely a lot on the internet, and you can never be sure of anyone’s intentions anymore, making it difficult to trust myriads of online services we use these days. But there are some ways to keep your browsing safe. If you are a Chrome user, we have mentioned below some tips to stay safe and secure while using the internet.

Browse the web privately in Incognito mode

Google Chrome remembers your activity such as your browsing history, cookies, website data, information entered in forms and more. If you want to…

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