Gary Oldman says he’s a private person, not good with crowds


Los Angeles: Actor Gary Oldman says he is a private person and not good with crowds.

It has been a good year for Oldman. He won a Golden Globe, a SAG Awards honour, tributes at the Santa Barbara and Palm Springs film festivals for his role as Winston Churchill in the film “Darkest Hour”. 

“This has all taken some getting used to,” quoted Oldman as saying. 

“I`m quite a private person. I`ve never been any good with crowds. It`s all very nice. No complaints. But there`s an energy of people coming at you that you absorb. It`s quite frenetic. The night of the Golden Globes, I must have taken 300 selfies and it felt like I had met 1,000 people. And they are all lovely and gracious and well-meaning,” he added. 

The actor finds all this shocking. 

“Well, it`s shocking really, when you think about it, that many people wanted to meet me in the first place. One should never take for granted the sound of applause.”

Oldman is also in the race to win an Oscar. He is nominated in…

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