From easing muscle cramps to preventing kidney stones: Why musk melons are summer favourites

Written by Ishita Goel
| New Delhi |
Published: April 10, 2018 4:27:18 pm

Delicious and juicy with a lot of health benefits on the side, why you should include muskmelon in your diet. (Designed by Nidhi Mishra/Indian Express)

Now that summers have swept in, one is constantly on the lookout for a respite from the sweltering heat. Though sugar-loaded soft drinks can offer some relief, they can quench your thirst for just a short time and come with added unhealthy elements. Iced water can be a good option, but not the best if you’re coming in from the sweltering heat or going out soon after. So, why not opt for a solution that will keep your body hydrated for quite a while and give you amazing health benefits on the side? We’re talking about the musk melon that is a popular summer fruit. Relished by many due to its juiciness and…

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