Former Texas beauty queen goes to sleep; wakes up with a British accent

Written by Ishita Goel
| New Delhi |
Published: February 14, 2018 5:39 pm

Michelle Myers was diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, which gave the American beauty a British accent. (Source: ABC13 Houston/YouTube)

American-born Michelle Myers has had a British accent for the last two years and she is not faking it. The 45-year-old woman from Arizona says she used to go to bed with blinding headaches in the past and wake up with a foreign-sounding accent.

The former Texas beauty queen has had episodes of Australian and Irish accents in the past but they stopped flowing in a couple of weeks. However, the British accent has stuck since the last two years, as reported by ABC affiliate KNXV. Referring to her current accent, Myers told the station, “Everybody only sees or hears Mary Poppins.”

Unusual as it sounds, the…

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