For People Not In Assam Citizen Registry, Centre Offers An Assurance

New Delhi: 

Those not part of the draft National Register of Citizens (NRC), a list of Assam’s residents, will not automatically be declared foreigners, but will get a one-month window to file claims and objections, besides subsequent judicial recourse, a senior Home Ministry official said today.

The NRC, to be published on July 30, is only a draft and after its publication, adequate opportunities for filing claims and objections will be available to those whose names are excluded from it, he added.

“All claims and objections will be duly examined. The NRC authorities will give a one-month window, when all objections and complaints will be examined after giving a proper hearing to the complainants. Only thereafter, the final NRC will be published,” the official said.

Exclusion from the final NRC does not mean automatic declaration of anyone as foreigner and once the final document is published, if someone is dissatisfied, he or she can always go to a foreigners’ tribunal in the state…

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