KOCHI: The 24-year-old Kerala woman, who recently claimed to have managed to escape from Saudi Arabia after her husband tried to sell her off as a concubine to Islamic State fighters in Syria, was locked up in an apartment in Jeddah for over 80 days, police said on Friday.
Police also said that the woman’s husband had her to Saudi Arabia after threatening her of releasing nude videos of her to the public.

Earlier, the woman had alleged that she was blackmailed into conversion by the husband.

Ernakulam (rural) SP AV George said the woman was shown visuals of captives being decapitated by IS militants while she was kept engaged in data entry work in an apartment in Jeddah.

“Gruesome videos, including that of non-believers being stoned to death, were shown to her to instill hate towards other communities. The aim was to develop an affinity towards the activities of the terrorists. However, she refused to get brainwashed,” said the rural SP.

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