Five on-screen TV couples we wish were together in real life


We have the habit of believing what we see on the television and when we realise that it is nothing but a work of fiction, we secretly wish it was true. We actually go head over heels and wish those couples were together in real life too!
But how are we to react when the actors, who are far from being a couple, show an impeccable chemistry on-screen. More often than not, it is the lead pair of a TV show or a film that manages to hook our attention even when the story-line goes haywire.

So here’s our list of five on-screen TV couples we wish were together in real life too.

1) Ram Kapoor- Sakshi Tanwar 

In 2011, when Ekta Kapoor announced one of her biggest projects ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hain’ with two of the leading actors of the television industry, Ram and Sakshi, people were taken by surprise as the pairing seemed unusual to them. But as soon as the show went on floors, they realised how profoundly beautiful their chemistry looked on screen. Since both of them are highly skilled…

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