Extreme weather events more likely if Paris Agreement goals aren’t met: Study

By: PTI | Washington |
Published: February 14, 2018 8:54 pm

Despite the unanimous adoption of the Paris Agreement, the study claims many countries won’t be able to maintain their climate commitments. (File Photo)

The UN Paris Agreement that aims to limit the global temperature rise to less than two degrees Celsius is unlikely to be met, and could increase the likelihood of extreme weather, a study warns.

Researchers found that emissions consistent with the commitments countries have made are likely to result in a more than fivefold increase in probability of record-breaking warm nights over approximately 50 per cent of Europe, and more than 25 per cent of East Asia. This two to three degrees of global warming would also likely result in a greater than threefold increase in record-breaking wet days over more than 35 per cent…

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