Experts discover lock of George Washington’s hair in old library book


New Delhi: The last thing one would ever expect to come across on opening an old library book is a lock of hair – especially one belonging to the first President of the United States of America.

Yes, you read that right! Experts stumbled upon a lock of hair belonging to George Washington inside a long-forgotten book during an ongoing inventory of archival collections of the Schaffer Library at the Union College in the US.

“This is a very significant treasure. It’s a tremendous testament to history and our connection to some of the most important historical figures,” said India Spartz, head of Special Collections and Archives at the library.

While surveying some of the oldest books and records, Daniel Michelson, a historical records project archivist, spotted on a shelf a compact, leather book, “Gaines Universal Register or American and British Kalendar for the year 1793.”

The popular almanac, which includes population estimates for the American colonies and comparisons…

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