Evolving consensus on joint polls not our job: EC

NEW DELHI: The Election Commission is of the view that any debate for evolving consensus on synchronised Lok Sabha and state elections should be conducted by a government body, Parliament or ministries like law or parliamentary affairs as the poll panel’s mandate is limited by Article 324 of the Constitution to superintendence, direction and control of preparation of electoral rolls and conduct of elections.

“EC is not mandated by the Constitution to evolve consensus among stakeholders, including parties, on feasibility or shape of the legal framework needed for simultaneous polls. Its role begins only after the necessary amendments in the Constitution and RPA have been made,” a senior EC functionary told TOI.

According to EC’s calculations, once the amendments to the Constitution as well as RPA are in place, it may take the commission around four months to procure the additional seven lakh EVMs/VVPATs needed to hold polls to the Lok Sabha and state assemblies…

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