Drug-laced mosquito net may help prevent malaria

By: PTI | London |
Published: August 14, 2018 2:19:12 pm

The drug, tafenoquine is being described as a “phenomenal achievement”.

A novel mosquito net that contains insecticides could prevent millions of cases of malaria, according to a Lancet study. A two-year clinical trial in West Africa involving 2,000 children showed that the number of cases of clinical malaria was reduced by 12 per cent with the new type of mosquito net compared to the conventional one used normally.

Scientists including those from Durham University and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK found that sleeping under the new bed nets were 52 per cent less likely to be moderately anaemic than those with a conventional net. Malaria anaemia is a major cause of mortality in children under two years old.

The nets used in the study contain a pyrethroid insecticide which…

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