Donald Trump attacks China over US trade deficit


Washington: US President Donald Trump today hit out at China for “fleecing” his country with hundreds of billions of dollars every year, even as high-level delegations from the two countries were holding intense negotiations in Washington over a series of trade disputes between them.
“China has taken our hundreds of billions of dollars a year from the United States. And I explained to (Chinese) President Xi (Jinping), we can’t do that anymore, we just can’t do that anymore. It’s a much different situation,” Trump told reporters at the White House.
“But with all the years and all the years that you covered trade and nations and wars and everything else, you’ve never seen people come over from China to work on a trade deal. Now, will that be successful? I tend to doubt it,” he said.
The reason, he said, he doubts it is because China has become “very spoiled”.
China was not the only country to face Trump’s criticism in this regard.
“The European Union has become very spoiled, other…

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