Doctors remove sea snail living, growing inside 11-year-old’s skin


New Delhi: In the first recorded case of its kind in medical literature, doctors removed a tiny sea snail from inside an 11-year-old’s abscess.

The boy, it appeared, had grazed his elbow while playing in a tidal pool in California, which harbors thousands of molluscs. Doctors believe that a snail egg must have found its way into the wound, hatched and then grew, triggering an abscess – a painful collection of pus caused by an infection – before it was removed.

The team of doctors at the Loma Linda University’s pediatrics department was highly intrigued after they stumbled across the bizarre case and published it in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the doctors said: ‘An extensive literature review of major medical and scientific databases… was performed.

‘We found no documented case reports in medical literature of… marine snails living inside a bacterial skin abscess for any length of time.’

In 2013, a similar case of a four-year-old…

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