"Did Donald Trump Just Walk In Front Of The Queen?"


It’s generally quite difficult to upstage the queen of England, but President Donald Trump might have managed to do so.

Trump and Queen Elizabeth II met Friday as part of his controversial working visit to the United Kingdom. As the red carpet was rolled out at Windsor Castle, thousands gathered at a “Stop Trump” rally in London’s Trafalgar Square. Some hours before, an inflatable balloon depicting the president as big orange baby flew in the air alongside the Houses of Parliament.

While Friday’s protest and an array of sarcastic signs caused quite a stir, Trump’s walk with the queen during an inspection of guardsmen quickly became a hot topic.

Described as “cringeworthy” and “uncomfortable” viewing on social media, footage of their walk together came under intense scrutiny. While touring the castle grounds, Trump maintained a relatively brisk walk, which saw the queen, at times, fall behind him as he led the way.


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