Despite Budget Promise Of 'Bonanza', Farmers Get Less Than Minimum Price

New Delhi:  One of the biggest promises made during this year’s Union Budget was to provide the farmers with a longstanding demand: a minimum support price (MSP) of at least 50 per cent over the cost of production.  

The assurance was meant to cover the upcoming rabi, or spring harvest season.

But NDTV has found out that three of four major rabi crops are selling much below the support price.

We looked at prices at which chana (chickpeas), masoor dal (red/black lentils), mustard and wheat are being sold at agricultural markets, or mandis, compared to the support price for each crop.

We averaged out the cost of sale of these crops for the top three markets where each is sold.

Our calculation found that while the MSP for chana is Rs 4,400 per quintal, the average market price stood at Rs 3,755 per quintal, 14 per cent lower than the MSP.

Similarly for masoor dal and mustard, for which the minimum support prices stand at Rs 4,250 per quintal and Rs 4,000 per…

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