Cutting the cord: Many skipping cable to binge on Net services

The days of families huddling in front of the telly may be numbered. As cord-cutting, the trend of dropping cable or DTH for online streaming services, catches on, an increasing number of Indians is turning to their smartphones and smart TVs to watch their favourite shows, movies and live sports.

“I want to watch what I want, when I want and as much as I want,” says media executive Sonakshi Awasthi of Delhi who ended her satellite TV subscription eight months ago. “Between the two streaming services I pay for, I get everything I want.”

Bhavik Sreenath, a student and gaming enthusiast from Bengaluru, watches shows and movies through his Xbox. Most of his friends do the same and don’t own DTH or cable TV connections. “After watching the content on streaming services, one wouldn’t really want to watch serials on TV,” he says.

People like Awasthi and Sreenath may currently fall into a niche category – young and urban consumers – but the exodus is big enough for…

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