Confirmation vote for CIA nominee Gina Haspel exposes Democratic rift

By: AP | Washington |
Published: May 17, 2018 11:28:04 am

CIA Director nominee Gina Haspel (Reuters/Files)

The political schism in the Democratic Party is playing out in the confirmation vote for Gina Haspel as CIA director, as support from red-state senators facing re-election bumps up against a more liberal flank eyeing potential 2020 presidential bids and rejecting the nominee over the agency’s clouded history of torture. Haspel’s confirmation became all but certain with a favorable 10-5 vote Wednesday by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Yet the division in the Senate is set in large part by the election calendar, home-state geography and personal views – and it may define Democrats for years to come.

On one side is a growing list of a half-dozen Democrats whom many see as the future of the big-tent party. They are rural, noncoastal…

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