Commercial Seaplanes Will Soon Connect Smaller Towns In India: Centre

New Delhi:  Commercial seaplane service connecting smaller towns in the country is set to become a reality soon as a proposal in this regard has been found “feasible” and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) would come out with a set of regulations within 45 days, the government said on Monday.

Civil Aviation Secretary R N Chaubey said single engine twin pilot planes would operate only between those routes which would be within the “gliding time” of the aircraft.

He said a committee constituted within aviation regulator DGCA, has come out with “positive recommendations” and single engine operations under certain circumstances have been found possible”.

“Single engine twin pilot service would be possible, but there would be certain requirements and we are examining the committee’s suggestions in this regard,” he said.

Mr Chaubey said the requirement essentially would be the route of the single engine aircraft should be such that in case of engine…

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