Cobrapost journalist was arrested in 2009 for staging fake accidents and extorting money from policemen

NEW DELHI: The Cobrapost journalist, who carried out the so-called sting ‘Operation 136’ on several media groups, was arrested by Delhi Police in 2009 for extorting money from government officials after staging road accidents and carrying out fake sting operations.

According to an FIR filed in Delhi’s Vasant Vihar police station on 22 November, 2009, Pushp Kumar Sharma and Pankaj Kumar, both residents of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, used to fabricate fake accident scenes on roads. As soon as the police arrived at the spot, they would, on the pretext of paying money to the victim as damages, ask for change of Rs. 500 or 1000 notes from the police officials who responded to distress calls.

These would secretly film these exchanges and subsequently Pushp Sharma would then call the concerned police officials and accuse them of extortion. Pushp Sharma, then, threatened them, saying that he had, in his possession, photographic images of them taking money.

The FIR is related to a…

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