Chilling Video Shows Toronto Gunman, In Black, Firing Shots


Hours after a shooting took place outside a restaurant in Toronto which left one dead and 13 injured, a short video uploaded on Twitter shows the alleged gunman opening fire.

The disturbing video clip shows a man dressed in a black jacket and a cap, aim a gun towards what could have been the site of the incident, shooting multiple times. The gunman is seen walking down the street with a gun in his hand before he began firing shots. 

Disclaimer: Content in this video could be disturbing for viewers.

According to reports, the shooter shot himself and died soon after the incident. Police had initially said 9 people were shot. 

A tweet posted by Toronto police said, “14 victims were shot with a handgun. 1 female adult has died. 1 young girl in critical condition. Suspect is dead (not included in 14 victim total)”. The injured were taken to…

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