Written by Sandeep Dwivedi
Updated: January 14, 2018 12:57 am

Centurion’s seating options are straight from a sports fans’ fantasy.

Centurion Park isn’t a venue that gets listed among the best in the world. It doesn’t even make the finalists at the beauty pageant for cricket stadiums where Cape Town and Dharamshala regularly fight it out for tiaras and sashes. Who can compete with the Table Mountain and the Himalayas?

Being in Pretoria, the country’s administrative capital, too doesn’t help. The place is sleepy and very sarkari. Working hours are sacrosanct. Even restaurants close down by 9 pm. (May the Almighty help Aabid fulfill his dream of earning enough, getting his sisters married and return to Sialkot. At 10, going beyond the call of duty, he served three hungry Indians daal-gosht and makhni mixed vegetable.)

But we…

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