By: Reuters | Beirut |
Published: January 14, 2018 6:29 pm

People inspect a damaged car in Sidon, southern Lebanon. (Source: REUTERS)

A bomb blast wounded a member of the Palestinian group Hamas in the Lebanese city of Sidon on Sunday, destroying his car as he was about to enter it.

The target, Mohamed Hamdan, was not a publicly known Hamas figure in Lebanon. But al-Manar television, run by the Lebanese political and military group Hezbollah, described him as an important person in the group. It reported that he appeared to have a security role and was being tracked by Israel.

A leader of the Palestinian Fatah movement in Lebanon said Hamdan was involved in operations in Israel. “The incident has Israeli fingerprints,” Mounir al-Maqdah, the Fatah official, told Reuters. The blast took place around noon (1000 GMT), the…

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