Can sleeping more affect your heart?

By: IANS | Seoul |
Published: June 13, 2018 5:03:31 pm

Are you sleeping too much? A study states excessive sleeping may adversely affect the heart. (Source: Pixabay)

If you thought that only less hours of sleep would affect your health, then you are wrong. Sleeping more than 10 hours per day is also associated with metabolic syndrome, raising the risk for heart diseases, according to a new study. Those who slept for over 10 hours daily were at risk of elevated waist circumference, high triglyceride levels — a type of fat, low levels of “good” cholesterol, hypertension as well as high fasting blood sugar — referred to as metabolic syndrome and associated with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

While sleeping more raised triglycerides levels in both men and women, in women it led to higher waist circumference,…

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