"Brutal New India": Rahul Gandhi Attacks PM After Alwar Man's Death

New Delhi: 


  1. Victim in police custody for over 3 hours before he was taken to hospital
  2. “People are crushed and left to die,” said Rahul Gandhi on Twitter
  3. Rakbar Khan, 28, was killed by mob on suspicion on cow smuggling

The delay in providing treatment to a man thrashed by a mob on suspicion of cow smuggling, which led to his death, has brought the focus on the Rajasthan police. First they failed to prevent repeated incidents of mob lynching in the state and then they took their sweet time in getting the critically injured man to the hospital.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi demanded to know why it took three hours before the victim was taken to a hospital which was just a few kilometres from the lynching spot.

In his tweet this morning, Mr Gandhi also targeted “Modi’s brutal ‘New India'” where hatred rules and “people are crushed and left to die”.

“Policemen in Alwar took 3 hrs to get a dying Rakbar…

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