BJP eyeing non-Left space in Tripura

AGARTALA: It’s Left versus Right in Triputa and the BJP is here on a mission.

“Chalo Paltai” or “let’s overthrow” is the slogan that sums up the saffron party’s ideological battle as it seeks to overthrow the last Red Fortress guarded by chief minister Manik Sarkar, whose spotless white dhoti-kurta reflects his spotless image and has become the biggest challenge for his rivals.

But 25 years of anti-incumbency is also playing its part and Sarkar is forced to defend his bastion as he is the only mascot for the Left Front.

Whether BJP is able to overthrow the Manik Sarkar government remains to be seen but the party is likely to overturn political equations in the state.

BJP, a new entrant to the state, is set to replace Congress, which is staring at almost no seats in the 60-member assembly. Either way, BJP is likely to “overthrow” – if it misses the ruling Left as its target, it could hit Congress that got over 35% votes in the…

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