An 800-Pound Boulder Tore Through A Car, Killed A Woman And Her Daughter


The truck smacked over the railroad crossing and everything went horribly wrong.

It was last Monday around 4:50 p.m. on a rural stretch of Rich Valley Boulevard in Rosemount, Minnesota, outside of Minneapolis. As the vehicle’s tires bounced on the tracks, the impact jostled a huge boulder – with an estimated weight of reportedly 800-pounds – free from the bed. The massive rock jumped from the truck, banged onto the road, and smashed into a 2002 Toyota Avalon like an artillery shell, according to a press release from the Rosemount Police Department.

The rock completely tore through the car as it passed in the opposite direction, ripping off the Avalon’s roof and killing the driver and passenger, WCCO reported. Sixty-seven-year-old Karen J. Christiansen and her daughter Jena H. Christiansen, 32, were declared dead at the scene when authorities arrived. It took four firefighters to move the boulder from the accident site.

According to Rosemount Police Chief Mitchell Scott, it appeared…

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