NEW DELHI: The air pollution in the country specially in the national capital has become worse over the years. The air quality index (AQI) of Delhi and other northern cities have peaked many times the safe level mark by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

With most of the areas in the country continuously falling on severe to hazardous category, the citizens specially children and elderly are struggling with many lungs and respiratory diseases.

People moving around with pollution masks have become a common site in the national capital Delhi. While all the eyes are glued on the national capital, there are other cities in the country that are not much better off.

Here is a daily update list of different cities across the country facing very poor to severe air quality index:

City Air Quality Index (average)
Delhi 198.7
Gurgaon 187.6
Noida 255.9
Faridabad 291
Ghaziabad 282.6
Moradabad 291.9
Lucknow 217.6
Kanpur 201.4
Rohtak 186.2
Agra 185.5

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