Ahead of US-North Korea summit, Kim Jong Un crafts a careful message

By: AP | Tokyo |
Published: May 18, 2018 8:43:14 am

The North’s media didn’t even make their first explicit announcement of the Trump summit until last week. (Reuters)

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have one big thing in common as they prepare for what would be the first ever U.S.-North Korea summit next month in Singapore: They both claim to deserve total credit. In a country where there is no Twitter but lots of fake news, North Koreans are getting a very different take than American media-watchers on what got the two leaders to the negotiating table and what they will be trying to accomplish.

What North Koreans are hearing is that Kim is calling all the shots. That he’s a strategic genius whose bold nuclear policies have opened the door to Korean-led peace talks with the South. And that he has finally succeeded in forcing the leader of the…

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