After Trump Summit, North Korean Media Calls Kim Jong Un "World Leader"

Seoul:  North Korean state television Thursday aired footage of Kim Jong Un’s historic summit with Donald Trump in Singapore, with the report describing Kim as a “prominent world leader” who is universally revered.

The 40-minute broadcast by Korean Central Television seized the chance to heap praise on Kim, showing footage of his night time stroll on the Singapore waterfront and saying he was welcomed with “deep respect and boundless enthusiasm” in the city-state.

“Singapore, a beautiful and developed city, has become all the more famous because of the meeting of the century“, the female voiceover reported.

“The streets were crowded with wellwishers who were full of reverence for Chairman Kim, who has come to lead world politics with his extraordinary political acumen”, she said.

Kim was “warmly welcomed” by crowds “wherever he appeared”, according to the voiceover, as the footage cut to a scene of Kim strolling through the Gardens by the Bay accompanied by…

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