A Mobile App Could Be Part Of Congress's Arsenal In Karnataka

BENGALURU:  The Congress has gone on an overdrive to protect its lawmakers sequestered in a luxury resort 60 km from Karnataka capital Bengaluru. But this time, it isn’t telling its newly-elected lawmakers to deposit their mobile phones to prevent emissaries from the ruling BJP from reaching out to them.

Instead, it wants them to install an app on their phones and record the calls they receive.

The Congress and the Janata Dal Secular have accused BJP leaders of attempting to bribe and arm-twist its legislators into supporting BS Yeddyurappa, who was today sworn-in as chief minister of a minority government. Mr Yeddyurappa’s BJP emerged as the largest party in Karnataka but with its 104 legislators, was short of the 112-majority mark.

The JDS and the Congress together have 116, along with independents, and had reached an agreement to back Mr Kumaraswamy as chief minister.

Mr Kumaraswamy had yesterday alleged that some JDS legislators had been approached with…

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