Washington: Scientists have successfully 3D printed lifelike artificial organ models that mimic the structure, properties and feel of real organs.

These patient-specific organ models, which include integrated soft sensors, can be used for practice surgeries to improve surgical outcomes in thousands of patients worldwide, researchers said.

“We are developing next-generation organ models for pre- operative practice. The organ models we are 3D printing are almost a perfect replica in terms of the look and feel of an individual’s organ, using our custom-built 3D printers,” said Michael McAlpine, associate professor at the University of Minnesota in the US.

“We think these organ models could be ‘game-changers’ for helping surgeons better plan and practice for surgery. We hope this will save lives by reducing medical errors during surgery,” said McAlpine, lead researcher of the study published in the journal Advanced Materials Technologies.

Currently, most 3D printed organ models are…

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