2018 MCC Spirit Of Cricket cowdrey lecture: Cricket needs Kohlis, Stokes but equally it needs Dhonis, Dravids

By: Express News Service |
Published: August 8, 2018 12:28:38 am

The ICC chief executive David Richardson said that cricket needs Kohlis, Stokes but equally it needs Dhonis, Dravids. (Source: PTI)

Good evening Mr President, ladies and gentlemen.

I’d like to start by thanking Lord MacLaurin and the MCC for the invitation to stand here before you tonight. It’s a huge honour, if not a little daunting.

Even more daunting than when I came to Lord’s as a member of the South African team in 1993, post-isolation, and we met the Queen prior to the start of the Test. Before the match, they briefed us on how to address the Queen, as Your Majesty or Ma’am, but not to talk to her unless she talked to you.

But they didn’t tell us how to address Prince Philip. The Queen arrived, we all lined up. The Queen came down the line and shook hands. I recall her…

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