20 Lakh People May Remain Out Of Final Citizens' List In Assam: Sources

New Delhi: 

The staggering number of people excluded from the draft citizens’ list of Assam, which triggered a political storm, may be cut down to half in the final register. An official has indicated that it was likely that the number of exclusions from the final list could be 20 lakh instead of the existing 40 lakh. The home ministry, the official said, has also agreed to extend the deadline for filing of additional documents for the National Register of Citizens.

The ministry had allotted a month – from August 30 to September 28 – for filing of claims and objections.  It would now submit the extended timeline and schedule to the Supreme Court for its approval.  The matter will be heard next on August 16.  Various political parties have demanded extension up to December 2018, sources said.  

“Not only will the claims of 40 lakh people be filed, we would get some fresh applications. So most of the political parties are of the view that this deadline should be extended,” a senior…

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