11-Year-Old Raped And Burnt Alive: How A Village In Assam Came Together

Nagaon/Assam:  At a time there is nationwide outrage over a spate of rapes of minors, made worse with alleged politicisation of some of the cases, the aftermath of a similar horror story involving an 11-year-old in Assam could hold some lessons for all.

In Nagaon district, where the girl was raped and then set ablaze, an entire village came together to help the police catch the accused — a 21-year-old and two minor boys from the same village.

At Lalung Gaon, 150 kilometres from state capital Guwahati, the girl who was all alone at home was raped on March 23.

“We were working in the field when villagers started calling us. We came home and saw our daughter was almost completely burnt,” the girl’s mother told NDTV.

The Class 5 student who sustained 90 per cent burn injuries died that night in hospital but not before naming the alleged rapist Zakir Hussain and two minors who helped mutilate her and set her alight.

“My daughter did not even know this man…

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