10 Reasons Why BJP Improved Its Karnataka Standing

1. The most important reason is that the BJP solved the problem of its  factions and this time it competed with  BS Yeddyurappa’s party back in its fold and the Bellary faction (which fought independently last time) also reunited with the mothership. This alone gave the BJP an extra 12% of the vote and an extra 46 seats (Karnataka has 224).
2. The intensive campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi galvanised the BJP cadre and gave the party a push in the last stages of the battle.
3. The Hindu-Muslim polarisation in the coastal belt. This gave the BJP an extra 10% swing in votes in this area and 12 extra seats.
4. This religious polarisation also impacted the 24 seats where the percentage of Muslim voters is highest (above 25%-50% per seat). These 24 seats are mainly in towns and cities dotted around the state. The voters of the Hindus in these seats consolidated and the BJP gained an…

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